Club Staff

Judy is the General Manager of ACBC and also teaches all of the basic bridge lessons offered at the Alden Library. Judy organizes and hosts Lunch & Bridge every month. The ACBL sanction for our club is in her name.

Judy King

Lou is the senior Director for ACBC and also a manager. He directs nearly all F2F games for the club and creates intermediate lessons for the 199er game at the Alden Library. He is currently webmaster.

Louis Slyker

Trish is the newest member of the management team. In addition to acting as Treasurer, Trish deals (by machine!) all of our boards using hands provided by The Common Game or ACBL

Trish Poineau

Mike is Director of all online games for ACBC. He is the only regular member of the club who is also a qualified ACBL tournament Director.

Mike Kiwak

Since Nancy DeWeese retired, Bob Giddings, Ken (Wiley) Wiggins, Bethany Hawkins and Gay Grafinger have also served as managers.


Although none of them are called upon to direct regular club games at this time, Louise Haley, Judy Kulka and Robert Ramee are qualified. Josie Doherty has provided valuable back-up services (to Mike Kiwak) for online games. Judy Kuiper has recently become an ACBL "certified best practices" bridge teacher and may be adding new classes in the future.



Sue Farrington makes LM at the Petoskey Sectional. See NEWS for a summary!

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